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Scrap metal removal is unavoidable in many situations. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, the need to change old appliances to new ones arises sometimes. Maybe you are sick and tired of your old fridge, or maybe your wife wants a new, ultra-modern oven? In any case, before buying new household items, it’s better to decide to dispose old ones

A 100-kilo refrigerator or 50-kilo oven are not things you can simply grab and place into your garbage bin. They require special disposal, so best solution in such case may be to find a company for a free scrap metal pick up.

How It Works

To arrange your scrap metal pick up, book your pickup for free with Cheaper Disposal and we will quickly provide you with service providers’ contact information. Working with us is very convenient, since we have a ready service provider database from which a necessary company may be elicited for further contact within minutes.

All our partners are reliable, trusted service providers, so you will always get everything done on time and with highest service quality possible. This process is very quick and easy:

  • Post your service request on our site for free
  • We help you arrange scrap metal removal with a selected service provider
  • You place scrap items next to your door – be it a car, a home appliance out of order, or simply some unnecessary junk metal
  • Your service provider’s workers arrive at agreed time and pick up all you don’t need and want removed.
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Why is scrap metal removal free?

That’s quite simple – while you are relieving yourself from trouble of taking appliances to a sorting center or disposal site on your own, the service provider gains monetary benefit from submitting your appliances as raw material sources, that is, metal, for further recovery and industrial production. Everybody wins in such situation, so don’t suspect any catch – getting your heavy, inconvenient garbage items removed for free is reality!